Why Hire A Career Coach? “People who work with a Career Coach find jobs 15-46 percent faster than those who don’t”

Wow — 15 to 46% — this statistic came from a career outplacement study, and it begs the question…why wouldn’t you hire a career coach to help you achieve your career goals.

Is Career Coaching For Me?

Are you bored or frustrated with your job, but you don’t know what else to do?

Are you looking for a new job, sending out resumes and not getting asked for interviews or receiving any job offers?

Do you need help presenting yourself professionally in a job interview?

Are you not moving up the career ladder, despite your hard work?

Will you consider new ideas and are willing to look inside yourself for the answers?

Are you at a crossroad in your career and would like to reinvent yourself?

A Certified Career Coach Will Put These Strategies To Work For You

Career Transition Services
  • Discovering Hidden Job Market
  • Learning Job Search Strategies
  • Building a Network
  • Resume Reinvention
  • Developing Interview Strategies
  • Company Research
  • Negotiating for Salary
Career Development and Coaching Services
  • Finding your Dream Job
  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Career Satisfaction
  • Career Branding
  • Career Conditioning
  • Career Makeover
  • Time Management

Coaching Services are designed to meet your individual needs:

FREE Consultation

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What Career Coaching Clients Are Saying About Michelle:

“My career coaching sessions with Michelle opened my eyes to the type of work I was looking for. Through her questions, I was able to zero in on a career goal that was a great fit for me. She is knowledgeable and offers great suggestions”. Becky S., Michigan

“I worked with Michelle as a career coach to jump start my job search. During this time Michelle helped me think outside the box. I came out of the process with a new understanding of myself and what I was looking for in my next position. I am now prepared anytime I see an opportunity that looks promising, I know how to network and research the company and prepare for the interview and evaluate the opportunity with ease.
Michelle held me accountable for my progress and gave me new ideas on how to market myself and open doors. I recommend anyone that is thinking about starting up a job search to consider speaking with Michelle to make your efforts more productive and focused”. ConnieD.

“Michelle has all the qualities of a great career coach. She helped me learn how to grow my professional network. She helped me clarify my goals and job search tools. She has excellent insight about the perspective of the employer during both the interview and offer negotiation process and helped me improve my presentation. She is a very patient listener and has helped me keep a positive outlook and build my confidence in this tough job market”. Shelley S., Michigan

“I highly recommend giving Michelle and Your Next 9 to 5 a chance. Going from high school to college can be difficult, but going from college to the workforce is just as difficult. Many high schools and colleges don’t adequately prepare you for interview techniques or how to negotiate a salary. Michelle and Your Next 9 to 5 do just that. I found the sessions fruitful and recommend you give them a chance because through them you will learn anything from how to build your network and connect with new people to how to properly negotiate that first salary. The lessons in resume building and interview techniques can also be used for years to come. I am satisfied with my investment in Michelle and Your Next 9 to 5 and I’m sure you will be as well.” Reid M., Michigan

“Michelle is a great coach who opened my eyes to hidden job market that exists within companies. With her guidance I have created a new and helpful network of professionals. I highly recommend Michelle”. Noel B., Michigan

“Michelle has been a positive focused professional who has provided me with diverse set of resources to complete my career transition. She has been upbeat and on task to achieve my goals and needs. Michelle has kept me accountable while utilizing her resources and service. I strongly endorse Michelle to anyone who is in need of career coaching”.Doug W., Michigan

“After being out of work for nearly 11 months, I found your service very helpful. Your assistance helped me understand how to pick up key words and phrases in my interview which helped me during my negotiation strategies. I landed the job and was able to get what I was looking for. Your professionalism and experience was greatly appreciated”!
Herman H., Shelby Township, Michigan

“I first contacted Michelle at Your Next 9 to 5.com for help updating my resume. Michelle had the tools, knowledge and experience to help uncover and highlight the most relevant of my marketable and transferrable skills. The resume we created was right on target. Michelle also offered expert help in preparing for an interview and in negotiating an offer. Michelle is an outstanding career coach. I highly recommend her services”.
Linda H., Shelby Township, Michigan